Anushka Sharma - The Chatpataka Girl

Anushka Sharma sure is among the hot favorites of ad makes these days. One of her latest ad is for 7UP Nimbooz Masala Soda where she is brings back life to a dull wedding party while dancing to the tune of Chatpataka (chatpata + pataka). In this ad, she is wearing a Rajasthani mirror embroidery choli with a lemon green ghagra and yellow chunari (green and yellow being the theme color for the ad). Take a look at the photos of this Chatpataka Girl..

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Anushka Sharma in Sexy Ghagra Choli
Anushka Sharma in Ghagra Choli in 7UP Nimbooz TV Ad
Anushka Sharma in 7UP Nimbooz TV Commercial
Anushka Sharma in 7UP Nimbooz Print Ad

And remember an old ad of Anushka Sharma as the Queen of Hearts? Click to see the post.

Anushka Sharma as the Queen of Hearts
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