Archana Vijaya Stuff Gadgets Magazine May 2014 Photos

IPL may be long over this year but the craze for two things are still on a high. One being, of course, the cricket and other being the IPL host Archana Vijaya. Here are some photos of Archana Vijaya from her Stuff Gadgets Magazine photo-shoot. The curvy beauty is looking really hot on the cover of this magazine's May 2014 issue. Check these photos out.


 Click on the photos to see large size image

Archana-Vijaya-in-black-gown-showing-long-legs-in-Stuff-Gadgets-Magazine Archana-Vijaya-in-black-mini-dress-in-Stuff-Gadgets-Magazine

Archana-Vijaya-in-black-tight-skirt-top-in-Stuff-Gadgets-Magazine Archana-Vijaya-in-sexy-black-gown-in-Stuff-Gadgets-Magazine-photos

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