Deepika Padukone in Orange Dress

Everyone knows Deepika Padukone is a very stylish actress. Be it a movie or an event, she is always at her best. The photos of Deepika Padukone below are no different when it comes to be a style statement. With those big sun-glasses and that orange dress with nude shoulders, this dimple diva looks simply stunning. Check these photos out.

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Deepika Padukone in Orange Dress Deepika Padukone wearing Orange Dress for an event Deepika Padukone in Orange gown
Deepika Padukone in black sun-glasses
Deepika Padukone in strapless dress Deepika Padukone in nude shoulder dress
deepika-padukone-orange-dress (7) deepika-padukone-orange-dress (8) deepika-padukone-orange-dress (9) deepika-padukone-orange-dress (10)

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